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"If you are looking for your next adventure in aviation or to simply sharpen your piloting skills, look no further than Holiday Airways. Learning how to fly a tailwheel airplane has completely reinvigorated my love for aviation and made me a significantly better pilot. Whether you are an airline pilot flying jets all over the world or a new student discovering aviation for the first time, the most fun you'll have in an airplane is learning to fly a conventional gear airplane and/or flying aerobatics. I have known Chris Coltrin and Sean Kline for many years in both a personal and professional sense. They both epitomize professionalism, are highly experienced aviators, and a wealth of knowledge. I cannot express in words how much I have learned from them over the years, or how excited I am for them to share this lost art with the community. If you are looking to have the most fun you possibly can in an airplane while dramatically improving your piloting skills, give these guys a call. Holiday Airways has my highest recommendation."

Matt McCormack, Pilot - FedEx Airlines and Sales Rep - AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales

"I have known Sean Kline for more than 10 years. I have worked with him in aviation related activities and projects and also consider him a close personal friend.

Sean is one of the most trustworthy and honest people that I have ever known. He is extremely diligent, extremely knowledgeable and has an incredible attention to detail.

His technical competence in aviation related matters is unsurpassed. He has a cool and thoughtful decision making process, and I trust him to make large decisions on my behalf. I give him my strongest recommendations."

Steve Feldman, Captain - United Airlines and Owner - AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales

"Holiday Airways has offered me everything I could have wanted out of a tailwheel flight school. Sean's patience and top notch flight instruction coupled with the opportunity to fly one of General Aviation's most iconic airplanes was an opportunity that I could not pass up. ALL pilots should seek out tailwheel instruction, it will definitely make you a better pilot!"

Matt Moglia, CFI

"The guys at Holiday Airways made learning to fly a ton of fun. Their passion for aviation is undeniable and they were very encouraging throughout the process. Incredible experience. Sean and Chris are top-notch and I can't imagine learning to fly with better instructors. Holiday Airways helped me achieve the biggest goal of my life and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to start flying."

Mike C., Sport Pilot