chris coltrin

Owner & Flight Instructor

Chris has been flying out of the Schaumburg Airport since 1980, and has been around aviation for all his life. His presence at Schaumburg Airport has been appreciated by many and granted him local legend status. When it comes to instructing, Chris is one cool cat - there's no doubt you'll learn a ton flying with him. Chris brings many flying talents and tens of thousands of flight hours to the table - he has flown aerobatics competitively and owned several different tailwheel or aerobatic aircraft. There's a good chance he has a few hours in almost any airplane out there.

sean kline

Owner & Flight Instructor

Sean has been around aviation his entire life, and flying at Schaumburg since his first solo there at the age of 16. While he is pretty sure that his accumulation of flight time is inversely related to the amount of hair on his head, he wouldn't trade his experiences and fun in aviation for John Stamos' luscious locks. Sean has a very laid back instruction style and is just happy to be anywhere near an airplane. He lives with his very supportive wife and their three crazy dogs.


Flight Instructor

Kelly has been around aviation since the day she was born. Growing up on an airport inspired her to start flying at a young age. Kelly started flying gliders at age 13 and over the years she worked her way up to become a tailwheel flight instructor. Just be careful though- she might pull the power on you and expect you to channel your inner glider skills also! Kelly may be young but her natural skills and knowledge of flying may put you in awe.