Aircraft & RATES


1990 PITTS S-2B - $315/HOUR 

We've all seen them. We all want to fly one. Holiday Airways is making that dream a reality. Our latest addition will give you the chance to strap into one of the most iconic aerobatic aircraft out there. Whether its right side up or upside down - this is a plane that's a blast to fly! Available for dual instruction only.  

1940 Piper j-3 Clip wing cub - $138/Hour

This isn't your grand-daddy's Cub. With the Reed Clip Wing conversion, and an upgraded C-90 engine, we think you'll find this Cub to be a bit more exciting than a standard J-3. The nimble flight characteristics, yet docile ground handling of this classic make it an excellent trainer. Available for dual instruction.  

1941 Piper j-3c cub - $138/HOUR

So maybe this is a little closer to your grand-daddy's Cub - but only a little. This great handling, full-span Cub has a few nice upgrades that separate it from others. It has an 85 horsepower engine, electrical starter and disc brakes.  While it may not be quite as agile as it's Clip Wing Counter part, it makes up for it with great stability characteristics, making it the perfect sunrise or sunset cruiser. Available for dual instruction and rental.

coming soon! 1976 bellanca  citabria 7kcab

Stay tuned for more information on our newest airplane! With excellent visibility and great handling characteristics, the Citabria is an absolute joy to fly!  Will be available for dual instruction and rental.  

1943 Boeing a75 stearman - $295/HOUR

Needing a little more open air flying in your life? Perhaps you're the type who prefers a leather cap and goggles over an iPad and Foreflight. Holiday Airways understands - which is why we're very excited to offer this beautiful Stearman for an awesome flying experience. Feel the wind on your face while you sit at the controls of a real military training bird. Available for dual instruction only.  

tricycle gear aircraft

1967 cessna 172 - $165/hour

We know - the wheel that steers the airplane is on the wrong end. But don't be fooled - N3262L (affectionately known as Lucy) makes up for it with great, stable flying characteristics and allows us to offer instrument training as well. Outfitted with a Garmin 530W, this 172 is a logical option for regional trips or instrument currency missions. Available for dual instruction and rental.

1975 piper arrow ii - $215/hour

Why leave the gear down and welded when you could retract it? One of the most popular complex trainers of all time, the 200 HP Arrow is a great option for training or taking on a trip. The Arrow is IFR equipped and will soon be receiving a modest avionics upgrade that will include a Garmin 530W WAAS GPS.  Available for dual instruction and rental.

Please note all aircraft rates are wet and Hobbs time. Rates are subject to change.

Instruction Rates

Flight Instruction - $65.00 per hour

Ground Instruction - $35.00 per hour


If you're interested but need a little more convincing - then the introductory flight just might be for you. We'd love to show you what learning to fly a tailwheel airplane is all about. Schedule an introductory flight with one of our instructors today - we're pretty sure you'll be back for more!  

15 Minute Cub Intro Flight - $49.00

30 Minute Cub Intro Flight - $99.00


Are you looking for a great gift for someone who loves exciting, unique experiences? Maybe you've always wanted to go up and see the local area from the air? Holiday Airways has you covered with rides in some of the coolest vintage aircraft around. Call us for more information and to find out how to schedule.  

30 Minute Cub Ride - $99.00

30 Minute Stearman Ride - $185

1 Hour Stearman Ride - $360


Can't decide on what Holiday Airways experience you'd like to get someone? We also offer gift certificates so you can let someone choose! Gift certificates are available in any amount, just contact us to help you get one!