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WE ARE LOOKING FOR INSTRUCTORS! IF you're interested in joining the team, email sean@flyholidayairways.com 

WE HAve some new additions to the fleet! check out our NEW ARRIVALS ON THE AIRCRAFT page!


Holiday Airways was started with a passion for aviation - a passion that we feel is contagious once you get to know us. Flight training should be fun - but it should also be safe and leave you with a skill set greater than what you started with. We believe in an experience that should take you away from your daily grind, and have you leaving the airport with a grin on your face that might be hard to get off. 

what we offer

Holiday Airways wants to be your "go to" for tailwheel transition and all other types of flight training. Located at Schaumburg Airport in Schaumburg, Illinois, we are one of the very few operators in Northern Illinois to offer this type of service. We also offer Sport Pilot training, and moving forward, we are planning to add aerobatics, spin and upset recovery training. We are committed to offering our customers clean, reliable and mechanically sound aircraft, as well as a great training experience. Have your own tailwheel airplane? We can also help you with training in your aircraft. Above all else, we are committed to making safety the highest priority when flying with us! 


Check out the article from AOPA Magazine right here - we couldn't agree more, and we think you'll appreciate what they have to say!